Independent Schools

Many UK independent schools have long histories, well established traditions and are held in high regard, both in the UK and overseas. They offer an excellent standard of teaching and support, small classes and impressive facilities. UK qualifications are recognised and respected internationally. Most independent school pupils achieve very good results, giving them excellent university and employment prospects. High quality teaching enables pupils to fulfil their potential academically, while schools also excel in developing pupils’ soft skills, such as communication, leadership and teamwork, which will be important throughout their lives.

Boarding houses provide high levels of supervision and pastoral care enabling your child to be safe and happy. Interesting and varied extra-curricular activities and trips are offered in after-school hours and at weekends.

Some schools are single-sex, some coeducational; some are academically selective, while others have pupils of a range of abilities. Many are famous for sport, music, art or drama. We can advise which school would best suit your child.

Most pupils are happy at independent boarding schools because:

  • they feel less stress than in Hong Kong
  • the teachers can devote more time to them because of the small classes
  • the lessons are more interesting, as there is more interaction between the teachers and pupils
  • they have more time with their friends
  • there are more activities
  • they become independent and confident
  • they learn the best methods to study effectively
  • they improve their ability to live with other people


Year 1–8 (Hong Kong P.1–F.2)
Ages 5+ to 13


Monkton Combe Preparatory School

2.Junior_St Martin's Ampleforth - prep school dining room

St Martin’s Ampleforth


Hazlegrove Preparatory School

Some junior or preparatory schools are affiliated to a senior school to which pupils progress. Other junior schools help children gain entry to a wide variety of senior schools. (Some senior schools accept pupils in Year Seven; others in Year Nine.) Studying is taken seriously, but the schools ensure pupils have broad horizons and lots of fun. They provide an extensive range of drama, sports, music, art, hobbies and excursions.


Year 7–13 (Hong Kong F.1–F.6)
Ages 11+ to 18

Most senior schools provide education from Year Seven, (some from Year Nine), up to Year Thirteen. Upon graduation from a senior school, pupils can progress to university.

5.Caterham School - Campus - Front of School 1024x768

Caterham School


Burgess Hill School


Queen’s College

8.Ipswich School 1

Ipswich School

Bromsgrove School

Dean Close School